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Prior to having a thermography test done, you will need to prepare by following this protocol:

  • Avoid attending physical therapy, getting a massage, Chiropractic or having any test using electromyography done on the same day prior to the test.
  • Avoid shaving any areas of the body. (when relevant for the test)
  • Wear loose clothing to the test.
  • You should not exercise, do heavy lifting, do yoga or any other strenuous activity on the same day prior to the test, since this can affect your internal body temperature.
  • Stay out of strong sunlight on the day of your test and up to 5 days before. Reschedule your thermography, if you have sunburn.
  • Do not eat or drink anything very hot, very cold or containing caffeine, for at least 2 hours, before the test. However, you may eat normally during the day.
  • NO SMOKING at least 2 hours before the test, or, better yet, STOP altogether.
  • Do not use any body creams, including, lotions, make-up, deodorants, perfumes, powders, etc., on your skin, in the relevant areas, that day prior to the test.
  • Hair should be worn up, off the neck (when relevant for the test).
  • Jewelry will have to come off (when relevant for the test).
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