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A soft and plush throw of luxurious quality infused with nanoparticles of tourmaline crystal, permanently adhered to the fabric by a patent pending process.

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that enhances the flow of qi (energy).

This blanket:

Absorbs body heat and re-radiates it into the body as far infrared energy. The wellness benefits of far infra red are well established. One of the benefits is to improve blood flow and blood oxygenation.

The tourmaline crystal particles also produce negative ions that scavenge free radicals to help reduce oxidative stress to maintain health and wellness.

Supports sound, deep and restful sleep.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



FIR Industries, Inc. is redefining the modern blanket. When you merge FIR Industries’ patent pending nanometer tourmaline particle infusing technology, with the cozy and plush qualities of a high quality blanket, you have the Tourma®Blanket The blanket of the future that is available today.

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that has been used for millennia in Eastern medicine, as well as around the world.

When must people work hard, they like to unwind. Snuggling up with Tourma®Blanket can help you to do just that, but in a healthy and therapeutic manner.

The Tourma®Blanket supports sound, deep and restful sleep. The tourmaline that is infused into the Tourma®Blanket is subtle, but powerful. Tourmaline increases the production of the “feel good” hormone serotonin and also increases alpha brain waves. This results in a greater amount of deep and restorative sleep, which is the only stage of sleep in which the brain efficiently detoxifies. The lack of this deep level of sleep has been associated with various forms of dementia.

The tourmaline particles in the Tourma®Blanket, absorb body heat and then convert that heat into far infrared energy, which is then transmitted back into the body. There are approximately a quadrillion tourmaline particles in each Tourma®Blanket. Far infrared saunas have been used historically for their therapeutic value.

Each tiny tourmaline particle has a north and south pole and generates negative ions to encourage a more alkaline environment in the body. Alkaline body tissues are known to be healthier than acidic body tissues. Other benefits of negative ions, include; reducing oxidative stress, scavenging free radicals, increasing blood flow and increasing blood oxygen levels. All of this encourages health and wellness.

The Tourma®Blanket has a comfortable feel and luxurious quality. It is 100% polyester and is soft on the skin. Just-Machine Wash & Tumble Dry.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, or under medical treatment, do not use the Tourma®Blanket prior to consulting with your physician.

Additional information

Weight 3.75 oz
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 in

Cannoli Cream, Seafoam Blue, Silver Grey


Throw (55" x 68") $99.99, Twin (68" x 80") $109.99, Deluxe (84" x 88") $129.99


100% polyester and is soft on the skin. Just-Machine Wash & Tumble Dry.

All About Tourmaline


The name Tourmaline comes from the Singhalese word (from northern India) “touramalli” which means “mixed colored stones”.  Because tourmaline is found in so many different colors they are often confused with other types of gems. Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of isomorphous minerals with an identical crystal lattice.  Isomorphous minerals are a group of minerals with identical, or near identical crystal formation, but can be composed of different elements.

Tourmaline is described as a “crystalline boron silicate”. Each variety of tourmaline has its own chemical formula, with somewhat varying elements.  Those elements include, but are not limited to; aluminum, boron, silicon, chromium, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and lithium. Aluminum can be very toxic to the human body, but all of these elements are bonded to other elements in the crystal, so they are not free to enter into the human body.

The formula for the various tourmaline varieties are very complex, since they contain many elements and many combinations of those elements. Tourmalines are composed of some of the most complicated chemical formulas of all minerals.

Tourmaline has a six atom member ring crystal system.These crystals can occur in three forms; long and slender, as thick prisms or as column like crystals.  Those crystals are usually triangular in cross-section, often with curved and striated faces.  The ends of crystals are sometimes asymmetrical. Tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms.  No other common mineral has three sides.

Tourmaline absorbs body heat and converts and then re-radiates that energy into the form of far infrared energy back into the body.

Those far infrared photons of light are picked up by chormophore molecules in our cells.  Those choromphore molecules transfer that energy to the mitochondria.  The mitochondria then will accelerate the rate of ATP formation.  More ATP = A Greater Healing Capacity.

Our Cells Have 3 Priorities:

  • To stay alive
  • To do their job
  • If the cells have enough energy left over, the cells can begin the healing process.

We are in many ways like our cells.  When we are run down or fighting something off, our energy level is low, since our body is prioritizing whatever energy that we have available to us.

Tourmaline helps to put our body into a high energy efficiency mode. Applying a Tourma®Line product is like getting a continuous low level laser therapy 24/7. The process of converting body heat into far infrared is called energy thermal-photonic conversion.  Patients often experience a feeling that Tourma®Tape is giving off heat and feels warm to them.

Tourmaline crystals all have a north and a south pole and generate a tiny ionic field. They are considered piezoelectric and when having a mechanical force, compression or vibration applied the tourmaline particles can generate negative ions. Negative ions are associated with a more alkaline body pH, they scavenge free radicals, reduce inflammation, stimulate healing at a more rapid rate, stimulate blood flow and increase blood oxygen levels. Negative ions are also considered anti-aging by many experts.

Humans generally can’t perceive this ionic energy, but animals seem to be able to. Since many people have told us that their dogs and cats won’t get off of their Tourma®Blankets, we are now starting to produce Tourma®Mats for Pets.

Tourmaline crystals are also pyroelectric, which means that they can actually generate a weak electric current from temperature change. This only happens with direct skin contact and can be perceived as a mild tingling sensation.

Tourmaline is found in two main geological forms; igneous rock, which are from volcanic lava, in particular with granite and in metamorphic rock, which change from another rock under pressure over time, such as schist and marble.

Tourmaline can also be found in minor amounts, in sedimentary rock, such as sandstone and conglomerate.  California became a large producer of tourmaline in the early 1900s. Almost every color of tourmaline can be found in Brazil.  In the late 1990s, copper-containing tourmaline was found in Nigeria. Africa and Afghanistan also have tourmaline mines.

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