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Additional COVID-19 Protocols

Additional Thermography Protocols Due To COVID-19

Our thermography clinic reopens again on Monday, June 22nd.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Please note that is you are not feeling well, have a temperature, have a sore throat, were recently (within 14 days) exposed to someone who had or may have had COVID-19 – we request that you call us to reschedule your appointment.

For your safety and the safety of the other customers and associates we request that you wear a mask when entering our facility. Also upon entering at the door, please use the hand sanitizer provided – this will not affect imaging of the hands if applied more than 15 minutes prior.

When you are in the thermography room you may take your mask off if you are doing a Full, Upper Body or Head/Neck region thermography. For all other types we request that you leave your mask on. Once the we take the images of your head and neck we then request you put your mask back on.

We will scan your temperature upon arrival and if it is above 99.5F we will ask that you reschedule.

We are allowing plenty of time between each appointment to sanitize the room after each session and so that appointments don’t “run onto each other”. To help in this effort we ask that you arrive promptly at your appointment time (not before).

We also have invested in an air purifier that recycles the air in the room every 2 minutes and sanitizes it under a UV light.

We can also discuss the above as well as answer any questions you have when you schedule your appointment.

Thank you for your consideration and WELCOME BACK!

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