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What Day Is It?

What Day Is It?

Today is Thursday. Or is it Friday? Is it May already? What happened to April? I feel as if April was just one long week and now we’re in May, only the weather feels more like March.

All of the days are blending into each other. It also seems like time is endless. When this pandemic response first started back on March 21st, when we were forced to shut down non-essential businesses and shelter at home, it seemed as if the next few months would be an eternity but yet I can’t believe we’re almost 7 weeks into it. Where did the time go? Originally, I thought I would accomplish so much, in reality I have not accomplished even 25% of what I thought I would. I thought I would take a number of online courses and watch videos that I’ve been meaning to watch. I have a stack of books for reading and learning that hasn’t been touched. I wanted to organize my office and get rid of the clutter. LOL. And I’m not exercising the way I thought I would, if I only had the time to do it right. I have all the time in the world so what’s wrong with me??? Part of that is I threw my back out a week ago so right now I have an excuse.

What HAVE I been doing with my time? I am going in to my store most days, even for a few hours. I actually have a lot of work to do. Much of it is easier when you have hours of uninterrupted time to think and write. I am getting a fair amount of internet and phone orders for pickup and to mail. I am also helping a friend with his company’s mail orders while he has been recovering from a non-COVID-related illness. I have more quality time to spend connecting with friends and clients who have become friends. This has been a luxury that actually shouldn’t be a luxury. When did we get so busy that we don’t have the time to connect with people we care about? And I’m doing a lot of short and longer -term planning. There are many things that can’t be figured out yet because we don’t know what our future will be here in the New York Metro Area, the hardest hit by COVID-19 of pretty much anywhere else in the world. But I am able to have the time and space to think, which again seems to have previously been a luxury.

One of the other things I have been doing is doing some virtual on-line yoga and meditation classes. It is amazing as to actually how good they can be when they work. What a luxury to be comfortable in your own space to be able to do these. I can see that virtual classes of all types will play a significant role in how many things are conducted, going forward. And beyond COVID-19 – they are perfect for when you can’t get out due to bad weather, illness, child-care needs or any other reason.

There is something to be said for in person events as well, we all need to actually BE with each other sometimes, but just as when on-line banking came out about 25 years ago and people never thought it would take off – virtual classes will be a significant portion of how classes are conducted going forward. This extends over to schools, universities and even the workplace. We are so fortunate to have technology that allows us to connect, even when we can’t be in the same space together. Imagine if this was 75 years ago – we’d have a telephone. Maybe.  We can have almost anything we want delivered to our front door. These days staying at home is by far from a punishment. For now. For some of us.

Not everyone has a good situation in these times. Some people are considered “essential workers” meaning that we need them to keep things running. Healthcare workers of all types, first responders, grocery workers, truck drivers, mail and other delivery services, food service workers, and I’m sure I left people out – have to show up every day, expose themselves to the virus, and put even more hours to accommodate the increased needs of many. Some people live alone and are lonely, some people are in difficult personal situations at home, there are many who lost their incomes and are worried about how to get by, some have lost loved ones during these times and can’t have the kinds of memorial services/funerals that they wished to have, and there are some who are having trouble mentally coping with various aspects of what we are forced in to doing during these times, and the uncertainty of the future. We don’t know what the future will look like but we do know it will be different. We also have the chance to shape this new future.

A virus like this one is scary on its own – something you can’t even see is out there spreading and mutating, becoming stronger and causing all kinds of symptoms and problems in random people, while some carry the virus and never show a sign. It can kill you, hurt you temporarily or permanently, or leave you alone. Which one will you be? One of our neighbors TODAY was taken away in a hearse. There’s no confirmed treatment plan for this virus.  Hey if that’s not enough to cause anxiety I don’t know what is? So add this on top of the fallout from what we need to do to try to eradicate it and you have a recipe for panic, anxiety and depression.

What am I doing to cope? Keeping a routine every day like getting up, dressed and going to my store helps get me up and gives me a something to do. The cats also have to be fed in the morning and so they come before anything else which is just the way they like it. These things force me to get up and ready. If I didn’t keep some sort of a routine, I would likely lay around all day binge-watching TV and saying I can always do things tomorrow. I am also trying to take good care of myself because the last thing I need is to have to see a doctor or visit an ER right now. Part of taking care of myself includes having a strong immune system to hopefully fend off the worst of the virus, or something else should I get it. Because of previous strong chemotherapy that wiped out 4 of my 5 antibodies (IGM is good) – I am considered “immunocompromised” so I am in the group that doesn’t fare as well with this virus.  When they give statistics about who is at highest risk – guess who is in that group? Keeping connected with others has been critical, meditation has been very helpful to help calm and relax, and my animals are always healing in any situation. I always want them around me. My husband Jim has been doing more cooking and trying new healthy recipes, so I get the benefit of this. I also take lots of supplements that help with immunity (Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Probiotics, DMG, Zinc and others), as an extra “insurance policy”. And I’ve been spending way too much time on social media but I am limiting watching the news to about a half hour total a day.

But the biggest thing of all is taking each day as it comes. Sometimes it’s hour by hour because things can change so rapidly. I live in the hardest hit region of the country and even the world.  I get that many people live in different places that are affected differently and even minimally. I am trying not to guess what life will be too far into the future. In January – if you guessed what your life would be in March and beyond – would you have guessed  what is happening now? So taking each day one at a time, whatever day it is, is how I am getting through it.

As long as we are healthy, everything else will sort itself out….

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